Saudade Online is a family owned and operated business. It was started in June 2020 to give us something to share and grow with our daughters, Giulia, Ashlyn & Emma. Our oldest daughter just graduated college, our middle daughter is currently in college, and the youngest is currently in high school. They are each very creative and talented in their own right, but most importantly they are dedicated, hardworking and driven. We hope to teach them that dreams can be achieved in any situation, if you just reach for the stars.

We hope to spread joy and inspire positivity in others through our family business.

The name SAUDADE -sau·da·de
/souˈdädə/ origin: portuguese, An emotional state of nostalgia and longing for someone or something distant.
Since we gained our oldest daughter from Brazil in 2014 through International Student Exchange we have also added 4 additional children to our family. Travel and family are very important to us, so we decided on a name that represented our love for travel and our additional exchange sons and daughters that we miss daily.
Saudade Online strives to provide a breath of fresh air to your closet. Here, you’ll find no cookie-cutter inventory, but rather a special collection of hand-selected and hand-distressed items. Our online boutique offers creative pieces to complement your individual style. Our laid back and welcoming vibe showcases our love of finding and sharing affordable, on-trend fashion. The customer service is our top priority.